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La Merseguera

Bright golden color. On the nose ripe apple, dried flower and vanilla. It is long and warm. An impressive and long-lived wine.

La Arcos

Intense in colour, amazing mouth feeling and long tannins. It moderates its passage in the mouth and surprises us with its elegance.

La Bobal

Red colour, fruity nose, and imposing mouthfeed. Opulence and elegance. Long.

La Valencí

Red wine with a cheerful, lively nuances. Encouraging and attractive. The nose is fruity, fresh on the palate and very Mediterranean.

La Giró Marina Alta

La Giró

Ruby red color, medium intensity. Nose of red fruit and spices. Soft, round and fresh tannins. Gastronomic wine.

La Giró Marina Roja

La Giró Marina Roja

Warm colour, ripe and long nose. Mellow and round tannins, fresh and compact. Surprisingly and dynamic. Charming.

La Giró Marina Blanca

La Giró Marina Blanca

Deep ruby color, fresh aroma, blackberry and wild fruits. Fresh, poignant but friendly, attractive and mediterranean style.

La Trapadell

Bright yellow color. White fruit nose. Good acidity, unctuous and a white flower finish. Varietal wine.

La Trapadell Brisada

Yellow gold color of mature skin. Dried leaf nose, citrus and white flower. Long mouthfeel. Impressive. Long life.

Bessons carinyena

Black fruit. Intense tannins and balsamic notes with spicy notes. The expression of the grapes brought to the extreme.

Bessons Garnatxa

Cherry color and garnet edging. Berries, balsamic with mentholated and spicy notes. Powerful entry into the mouth, wide and intense, ripe fruit and good acidity.

Bessons Syrah

Intense purple color. Intense ripe fruit with a background also menthol and mineral. Balsamic tannins with spicy notes. Wide and intense and very good acidity.

Monestir 2017_min

Monestir 2017

Dark red colour, red fruits with more spicy aromas such as vanilla or coconut.  Elegant palate, with a good acidity and very ripe tannins.

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