We advise on the production of grapes, pest management, and fruit quality control before harvest. We control and manage all the traceability of the vineyard throughout the production cycle until the grapes are coming into the winery.

What do we offer?

  • Technical management of wine projects.
  • Digitization of the vineyard : implementation of viticulture precision techniques.
  • Reconversion into organic and biodynamic viticulture.
  • Annual planning and monitoring of wine management.
  • Implementation and integral management of pests (G.I.P.).
  • Control of the production yield and optimum moment of harvest.
  • Traceability of vineyards - Weekly updating of the Field Notebook and traceability update.
  • Control and management of agricultural costs.
  • Negotiation with grape suppliers.
  • Digitalized design and rethinking of plantations.
  • Technical training.

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