winegrowing heritage

The valorization of the viticultural territories is of great importance. The union of the wine-producing territories of our Mediterranean arch extends the diversity and richness of the wines.

Riu Rau


Priorat - Terraces

There are few regions like those of the Priorat, where the vines grow on poor, rocky soils, flacky like puff pastry. There is absolutely no doubt about the historical origin of the name Priorat, since the region comprised the domains of the prior of the Carthusian monastery of Scala Dei. Priorat reflects specific techniques of land use that guarantee and sustain biological diversity. Most of the land in the region consists of slate, and both historical and geological criterion, were chosen to designate the origin of the Priorat grape and wine-growing region. Cultivated terraces on lofty mountains, gardens, sacred places testify to the creative genius, social development and the imaginative and spiritual vitality of humanity.

Llicorella soils

From the geological point of view, in the Priorat the soil that stands out most is that of Llicorella. This soil absorbs and stores moisture giving the vineyard optimal soil. In addition, the slate holds the heat radiated by the floor, and at the same time reflects light. All these characteristics make the wine obtained have a very personal and typical character of the area.

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